The Wisdom of Not Knowing Everything

I invite you to search the website of Dr. Deborah Milton:  The Wisdom of Not Knowing Everything.

Deborah has evolved continuously into an even greater, astute artist and caregiver of the natural world.  Her inspirations are deep and ever going deeper.  Her devotion to the wellbeing of the earth becomes increasingly specific in ways that elicit inspiration in others.  Her description of her attentive rituals alone demonstrate potentials that can stir us all.  Her blog site, to which I recommend you put your name to receive postings as she writes them, shows in clarity how one person makes the kinds of choices and sacrifices that (if we were all doing so collectively) can bring healing to our profoundly wounded world.  Her devotion to the local environment where she lives in the Pacific Northwest is a laudable example of how each of us can look with healing presence to our own locales.  And besides, her blog postings have examples of her fine paintings, which are sometimes the subject of her own writing as she dives deeper into the creative process.


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