Words: Let us go looking

Words ought to be medicine.  Too often they are merely descriptive of that which they are not yet and remain only pointers.  But words as “poesis” become that which they signify, the god language, the path, the reawakening, the healing, the logos, the medicine.  Giving meaning to situations and events of existence is the medicine of language.

So we are going to look to the left, to the right.  We are going to go searching for the truth and find it.  To the left and to the right, let us look.

Let us look on the land to find our help.  Why are the people so confused as to not know why they have become helpless?  Are they weak?  Let us go looking.  Let us look to the land and to the spirits of place attending us.  So, let us go looking.

Maybe they are draining us, so let us go look.  And find the path that is clear.  We look at the tracks of our feet.  Where have they come from?  What is that soil under our nails?  Where did we get that?

Let us look and see where we walked away from the earth.  Let us see where our path is going.  Let us look to the left and to the right and put our feet onto the soil.


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