A Vision

Visions that come to us can be challenging, enlightening, soulful, disruptive and even beyond reckoning.  At their best, they anchor us into the land, into service to the earth and all its inhabitants, and frequently come with energetic drives to achieve something essential, particularly as it relates to service.  Whether or not we feel ready or able to follow through is not the provenance of vision.  Vision is a weaver and engages our capacity to choose.  They may frighten us (sometimes for very good reasons) or provoke us (sometimes causing us intense reflection) or calm us (sometimes with nothing more than realizing we are at the right place at the right time).  But most often, they are leaders, speaking to us from the Great Mystery, beckoning to us from the What Moves, and have the effect of telling us to gird up our loins and get on with things.  So, they can come with determination that changes our lives.  What is presented to us may not be far afield from our lives as they are, but they can certainly invoke a new way to wake up and have purpose for our lives.  Such is the case of the newest vision I received a week ago.  How this has altered my life and my relationships I will speak to after describing the vision itself.

Note:  I was wide awake when I was taken into vision and saw this in rapturous, full on color and 3-D experience.  I was, in other words, “there.”

There is a very big, steep mountain.  It is so tall, the top is somewhat obscured.  Ranks of various trees, rocks, bushes, rotting leaves, broken twigs, rivulets of water, animal paths….all that is “mountain” is before me.  At the bottom, where I am standing, are many people coming and going, in cars or walking, gathering to arrive or to leave or to assemble in small groups to discuss.  The parking lot abuts the mountain where it touches the flat floor of the earth.  The sun is shining and the mood is gentle with waves of energy moving like rippling water over everything.  All of the people are there for ceremony, either coming or going.  I see dancers and elders from the Naraya (Dance for All People), but most of the men and women I have not yet met.  The atmosphere is electric with ritual work, intentions and transitions.

An Owl comes to me.  I get on the back of the Owl, and she/he flies me up the side of the mountain, effortlessly climbing on the wind over brush, paths, stones, and aiming straight on to a place the owl knows, but which I do not yet know.

About half way up, a large, black onyx cube is positioned on the side of the mountain.  It is large than I, a perfect cube, and unlike anything else surrounding it.  It is entirely black, and although it seems to be polished, it does not reflect the world around it.  The Owl settles next to it and wordlessly indicates that there is a door that is not visible, except one has to know that it is there.  I enter it.  (I will talk more about this box after the next paragraph.)

Owl then flies me on its soft back to the top of the mountain.  At the top is a large greenhouse and laboratory.  This is my Domain, I realize. I feel at home here; I know what I am doing here; all is familiar and profoundly alive.  This is my Domain of work and research.  The greenhouse is surrounded by walls of glass, so it is full of light no matter what the weather.  I see rows and rows of tables on which plants are growing.  All the tools, equipment and supplies are there, including a place where matured plants are drying, a table for preparations of medicines and a site of test tubes, beakers, hot plates and so on.  Through a door I go into the laboratory and all its equipment and supplies–Bunsen burners, sinks, faucets, microscopes, computers and printers–all that makes for a complete Domain of research.  In other words, this mountain top Domain is where I also live and work.  I am usually along here, but I do not feel lonely.  I feel tremendously alive and physically present.  From this Domain, I take prepared medicines of various kinds down to the people at the bottom of the mountain.

Now, that Black Onyx Cube.  It is purposed for me to enter it in both directions, up and down the mountain.  This is where I enter the Void.  Inside is vast emptiness, yet hardly empty at all.  There are free floating cave paintings that become three-dimensional and move off their cave walls, becoming alive.  Carvings move and have breath.  There is a large insect (such a one exists in biological reality), where her body is a huge abdomen filled with eggs, that could encompass an entire table, though her head is minuscule in comparison.  Her abdomen is rippling with life.  She is tended to by “Tenderers” who gently push on her abdomen, moving her interior world and caring for what is unborn.  In the Cube, these Tenderers are not just others of her insect species.  She is the Realm of Possibilities and the Tenderers are the various communities of living beings that gather around her and welcome the birthing of possibilities of the Great Mother.

There is a Great Swirling, cloud-like, bottomless, no-wall-at-all endless motion.  Everywhere is the center.  Everywhere is the endlessness.  Everything opens to all directions simultaneously.  Things are cleansed by being brought into appropriate scale to all that is.  Old patterns that are no longer needed are taken back into the vast Cloud of Unknowing.  The New is continually emerging. There is free fall.  There is constant change and transition.  There are different kinds of shadows and shadowy colors, like a great soup, like images of the great clouds on Jupiter or the methane gasses on Venus.  This is the Void, into which all things go and from which all things emerge, a zone of transition.  I realize I must enter this on the way up the mountain to my Domain and on the way down to the ceremonies and the people.  Owl is my mode of transport, my carrier, and in that, my deep, deep friend.

Now, down to work.  Immediately I understood that I had to make a bibliography of all my collected books and articles, because a supersized message is “The Path of Plants is the Way Home.”  The message continues:  “The Narrative of the Plants is the Path of Life.” The Black Onyx Box is, in a way, my sacred soul space that unites Domain to Realm of Service.  And I have a great deal of work to do, having been rather lazy about some things more recently.  No time to die yet.  This entirely energizes me; fills me with a sense of the enormity of what work there is to do, but with a kick in the butt to get going.  And, and, and:  I feel so very good to be alive!  I know that I am in my body, experiencing my body, relinquishing my life to this task that is just revealing itself now.  I feel very earthy, very centered on our planet.  I feel at home and joyful to get out of bed every morning, without complaint, and setting my feel on this path of service.


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