Fundaments of Druid College

The Druid College NYC subtitles itself “Nature (or Earth) – centered spirituality rooted in place.”

This means that students and apprentices join in personal and communal reflection, rituals, and by ongoing personal connection with and spiritual guidance of a Druid Priest.

Towards what end?:  A life in service, crafting a sacred relationship with the land (specifically the place where you live), the ancestors (both blood and mud ancestors), and the gods (a term exquisitely defined founded upon concepts of nature-based relationship).

The energetic thrust is for apprentices to be “carriers” of nature-based spirituality, compared to “followers” of any one person or any particular religion.  Druidry itself is a living, organic path, ever growing out of the life force (Awen), not seeking to duplicate the past but to  guide all students into living with a “lit mind.”  Druidry is an ever evolving dynamic founded upon relationship, relationship, relationship, even down to the smallest quark, atom and molecule and as expansive as cosmic systems, each of which has purpose.  For us, all of life is enchanted, vibrant, humming with vitality, and capable of charm and enthrallment.

We seek knowledge–scientific, historical, biological, geological, mathematical, astronomical, philosophical, literary, theatrical, shamanistic, ritualistic, et al, and dive into depths of trance, therianthropic, transformational, restorative,  and healing, and integrate various paths into alternate realities as part of investigating and maintaining, in our lives and with the land, the power and beauty of nature–ourselves integral to it all.

Therefore, Druid College NYC is a center of learning, of sharing and of support for any one on a path of nature-based spiritual practices, leading to devotion to the land, to human dignity, to arts & skills of transformation….all in alignment with principles of Druidry.



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