Harvest Season

Agricultural cycles of nature have a prominence in our awareness.

Part I:  Agricultural cycles vary from place to place, and for different reasons altogether.  Attend to the cycles of your locale and work with that.  If your apples are ready in October, well after another’s have ripened in August, work with how things are moving where you live.  If first frost comes in December (or never), while another’s has come in November, sing your First Frost Song when the time is ripe, neither before nor after according to any one else’s imaginary calendar of “supposed-to-be”.  The spirits of place where you are is where your roots are.  Feed your own roots while jolly well giving thanks for the maintenance of everyone else’s roots and harvests.

Part II:  Beginning with c. August 1, and with the Festival of Lughnasadh, we enter the harvest season.  Lughnasadh is the first of the harvest festivals, all things being equal, which they aren’t.  The harvest season extends into Samhain (aka “hallowe’en”).  From thence to Yuletide, we enter the cycles of dying in agriculture….well, unless you live in an all-year growing season.  Depending on where you live, some celebrations do and some do not belong to your agricultural cycle.

Druidry is a living religion.  Participate according to the roots of your agricultural region.

Consider that a blessing is not applied to a situation, but that blessings emerge from the life force.  Make relations with the season as it truly is where your roots are, then the harvest of blessings will ripen in your own backyard…..and won’t have to be imported.

All to say, now that it’s harvest season for most of you readers, buy local produce and crafts.  There’s the blessing!


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