Harvest time

Part III

Although many beautiful, strong and moving poems and songs can be found, it is recommended that each of us listen to the Awen moving and find inspiration from within its humming.  Certainly, a poem or song written elsewhere, by someone else, may hold deep resonance with you.  The blessing of that to have shown up in your life is rich.

However, it is suggested that from your own relationship with nature, where you are rooted, that you listen and let poetry and songs come from within your own soul.

When?  Whenever something of importance in the agricultural cycle is noticed, especially the “firsts”:

First Frost; First corn; first apple or persimmon; First Brussel sprout; First snow;  First green shoot poking through the snow….like that.  Of course, Firsts are much easier to discern when the seasons are more sharply defined.  And yet, those attuned to climes with subtler shifts can accommodate themselves to the weather patterns and feel the changes.

Part IV

This means that the nice regularity of the cosmic calendar (Solstices and Equinoxes, and other rituals evenly spaced throughout the year, for a total of 8) is an abstraction removed from the variances of your actual agricultural cycles. (Well, of course local variances on earth are not likely to fit neatly into the galactic Procession we know as solstices and equinoxes.)  What if your first harvest is not on Lughnasadh, August first?  Adjust.  A pagan is one who is deeply attuned to the patterns of the land, and thereby the rituals are not likely to be regularized, calendarized, predictable.  Step into the flow of What Moves Moves.  Sense, smell, feel, listen, taste, respond.

When the first salmon is seen arriving to spawn, the entire life cycle of the salmon can be sung, welcoming it home to its birthing site, back to the beginning, and from thence rebirth into roe.  Expressions of gratitude, humming while sitting next to the river bank, and an offering to the river….

It’s important to craft new songs for our cycles of agricultural relationship.  The offering is not to have produced some fine iambic pentameter, noble, remarkable to anyone else.  The offering is that gift of word or phrase or gesture that emerges when your heart dances on the moment.




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