Ritual Counseling and Spirituality

In addition to Ritual Trance sessions and Druid apprenticeships, I also offer open-ended counseling that is specifically tailored to the spiritual intentions and emotional needs of each individual. I call on all of the teachers, traditions and lessons I have learned over my many years of study and practice, and weave together a combination of daily practices, lessons, readings, experiences, and rituals that best serve your needs. I work with individuals, couples, small groups and families.

A cornerstone of the Spiritual Counseling program that I offer is the development of personal and home rituals. A ritual is a living practice that establishes spiritual roots for individuals and families. Many people assume that a ritual is an ancient practice that must be repeated in exactly the same way each time. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, rituals have for centuries been developed with a site-specific mentality, so that the intention of the ritual can best be facilitated by the location in which it occurs. Many people find that incorporating ritual as a regular practice helps them move about their daily live with a greater sense of significance, respect, and motivation.

For those families with children, you will want to know that my background is originally in education. My teaching career began with grades 3 and 4.  I then taught both junior and senior high school and was also a college professor.

As always, I offer a free consultation before starting a new spiritual relationship. I then charge $250 for a 2.5 hours session, which is the same for an individual or a family unit.


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