Links  This is the link to the Druid College, for which I am Provost.  The site is run by my friend and colleague, Kevin Emmons, who is Dean of the College and who facilitates Druid training and rituals in Maine.  He also owns the land (in Maine) on which the more formal gatherings of the College will be held.  He and I were trained by the same teacher in England, Emma Restall Orr.  This blog belongs to my long-time friend who lives in London.  He is a progressive thinker, speaker, world traveler and consultant, author of several books, including his most recent on his journey with prostate cancer, an utterly honest and compelling piece of writing that pulls no punches when it comes to personal spiritual journeys.   You also can find some of my poetry and other writing on his site.  This is the official website for the Institute that offers many workshops at its location in Santa Fe and that prepares teachers for Ritual Trance Induction.  I received a Teaching Certification from the Institute, and I was approved to be the New York City Representative from its Board of Directors. 


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