“Of James Lawer, master of the bear rattle, I can say: when he calls the spirits, they come. A skilled, intuitive healer, trained in Native American and Druidic traditions, James carries his considerable know-how very lightly. He is serious, yet playful, a delightful person. His steadiness and depth inspire trust. I have found him an able, supportive guide in personal trance work, as well as an inspired shamanic consultant to my family. James clearly has a particular knack for engaging children, meeting them in their worlds, proceeding gently, with playfulness and tact, to spark their interest in spiritual exploration.”

—  James O.

James is an extraordinary and skilled practitioner, spiritual teacher and healer.  I have been fortunate enough to have participated in both small group and private sessions with James, in the ancient practice of ritual body posture and ecstatic trance.  James provides personalized sessions which begin with edifying explanation of the history of the body posture which is to be engaged and on how to assume and maintain this posture for the 15 minute period session.  James provides all of the requisite instruction and guidance necessary to induce a visionary experience, which is embedded in a rich tradition of ritual.    During the session, James rattles at a very high rate of beats per minute.  This procedure is exercised with careful precision and methodicalness.  Each and every time I have worked with James, I have felt safe in every respect and able to “let go” into the rhythmic trance experience.  The stimulation has induced explosions of energy throughout my body and powerful alterations of my consciousness and perceptions, which James then helps to process and integrate.  I will continue to engage in this very unique and therapeutic practice with James in order to support my psychospiritual growth process.

–G., Research Coordinator

James is a special person. His calm, humble manner belies his tremendous presence; he has sown his spiritual practice for years, and now reaping the fruits, he openly and freely shares them. I feel privileged to have been a part of his ceremonies, and I always gain immense clarity and peace from them. He has opened my eyes to a spiritual world I didn’t realize existed, brimming with life and animals and soulfulness. It is rare to meet someone so gifted and yet so accessible and open.


“Not sure what to expect, I signed up for a rattling session with James Lawer. His personable and disarming style, coupled with his easily-apparent, vast knowledge of Druidic traditions and the spirit world, made me feel at ease right from the start. James was thorough in his explanation of the structure of the rattling trance induction, yet there was an openness about his approach that gave me a sense of curiosity about what my personal experience would be like. The personal transformation I experienced after the session was subtle, yet palpable.  During the days after the session, I noticed feeling calmer and more centered, all the anxiety of the previous days had simply vanished.”

—  S.

“Be careful what you ask for.  James is the real deal.” 

          —  Spiritual counseling client

“James is the kind of person who meets you where you are.  Once I was carrying a terrible emotional burden and James helped me to release this burden and find peace of heart and peace of mind in a very difficult situation.  This has allowed me to continue the work I love most of all.  If it weren’t for James, I might not have had the courage to face what I needed to face in order to move forward on my path.  It takes an incredible amount of trust to open to someone like that and James is trustworthy in every way.  I feel privileged to know him as such a powerful teacher in my life.”

          —  Sheri Whitt, Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in trauma and grief support.

“I went into the healing trance session unable to move my arm higher than below shoulder level, due to surgery some years earlier.  After 15 minutes of his work, suddenly I could lift my arm over my head.  I can hardly account for why it worked.  Both my partner and I were astounded at my restored freedom.”

—  K.

“James has been a friend and mentor for many years now. When it came to build Druid College, he was the only person I considered to help co-create it. He brings knowledge and wisdom that is rarely found in today’s world. Over the years, I have witnessed James lead some remarkable rituals, bringing insight and healing to all those involved. We’ve hosted James here in Maine to lead Ritual Trance Induction, sweat lodges, and facilitate our community’s annual Weaving – a Pagan Rite of Vision. Everyone involved quickly recognized, James is the real deal, a rare spiritual teacher, leader and priest. After the rites, many inquired as to how they could work with him directly.

Too humble to mention to this himself so I will. His work with the dying is utterly extraordinary. Over his lifetime, James has spiritual-guided literally thousands of people through their dying process, singing them through their final transition, all the while counseling the families, helping them to be involved, find acceptance and their own healing. There is no one else perhaps with this extent of experience with such profound work.

A consummate teacher, he has the unique ability to find where we have blockages in our souls and psyches, and then provide the knowledge and space we need to move them, to heal ourselves. And he does so with a complete lack of pretense or fluffy New Age jargon. His work is very real, grounded and tuned in, as he helps us reweave our connection with the sacred, with Nature, with the Divine. I feel very blessed to have such a colleague and mentor. When I need spiritual guidance, it is to him I turn.”

~ Kevin E. Emmons – co-founder of the Druid College


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