Ritual Trance Induction

Ritual Trance Induction is a method by which a trained guide induces an altered state of consciousness through the use of a monotonous rhythm played on a drum or rattle.  The inductee holds a “wisdom posture,” having chosen one of over a hundred gathered from archaeological evidence that spans human history and pre-history. The posture is held for about 15 minutes in this method, about the time it takes for a complete ecstatic journey. You can view a short documentary that was made about my practice here.

Ritual Trance Induction was researched and revived by Dr. Felicitas Goodman, who founded The Cuyamungue Institute in 1979. I hold a teaching certification from the Institute, and have been approved by the board of directors to both practice and to teach the method to others. The Institute actively researches these ancient doorways into spiritual wisdom and introduces new postures when appropriate, which they glean primarily from cave wall paintings and statuary art, particularly among pre-agricultural peoples. Although we do not understand the original ritual context or the exact nature of the practice from our ancient times, we have discovered that the different poses each result in a different mindstate, subjective effect, or access to a different wisdom. There are postures for healing, divination, celebration, metamorphosis, and spiritual journeys, among the many reasons why people seek relationship with the spiritual realms.

I offer free introductory sessions.  Cost is $100 for individuals, $80 per person for groups. Sessions last about an hour and a half.



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