The Colloquy of Two Sages: The Making of a Druid

The Druid apprentices gather again after summertime to continue their studies.  This month we dive headlong into the complexities of an ancient text that comes from an utterly and entirely different world view, the world of the early Celtic Druids.  We have all been reading The Colloquy of Two Sages:  The Making of a Druid.  The text is not long, but it’s tough going.  And yet, what beckons us are our own questions:

What is deity?  What about God?  How shall I make direct relationship with Nature and in a way that transforms my own awareness?  What is story?  What is narrative that includes the cosmos?  Is there truly an origin story?  Does god need us?  What is the relationship between story and deity?  What happens when the stories are forgotten?  What happens to society after forgetting?  What happens to the earth?

For the Celtic Druids those are some of the crucial questions that guide the seeker into the deep recesses of Druidic wisdom.

One discovers that Druids were scientists, mathematicians, poets, historians, warriors, ritual leaders, lawyers and judges, councils to the Kings and Queens of the various Celtic tribes.  They were intelligent, knowledgeable, well spoken, as well as having reputations as great musicians.  They had great power over political choices and feared abilities to publicly humiliate.

And they come to us from a very, very different world and worldview than ours.

That difference is highly valued for our students.

The questions posed in The Colloquy of Two Sages are quite simple.  But how those questions are answered reveals everything about the level of understanding of the students.

Furthermore, at the end of the second year of the Druid College NYC, each of the apprentices will have a public examination.  All of the questions will be asked of them.  After that comes the ritual of stepping through.

These apprentices gather at noon on Sunday, September 17.  We will definitely need that communal meal afterwards!